2014 – what an outstanding year!

Awards Gault&Millau Deutschland 2015

gault-millaut-winzer-des-jahres– Wine Maker of the year
– Awarded with 5 grapes
– Best Spätlese
– Best Auslese
– Best Riped Spätlese
– 10  of our wines being in the TOP TEN

Started from scratch by buying the winery without any client base and bottled wine in 1992, we faced the challenge to rehabilitate the winery, its buildings and vineyards: Now we have been rewarded!

The Gault & Millau Wine Guide honoured us ‘Wine Maker of the Year 2015’ and rewarded our hard work with the 5th grape, the highest category which includes only 11 top-wineries throughout Germany. 

All Ratings in detail by Gault&Millaut here.


Eichelmann Weinführer 2015

Lieser-UrkundeThe Eichelmann Wine Guide awarded our winery as ‚outstanding‘ honouring us with 5 stars, again the highest category

Quote out of the Eichelmann Wine Guide:

Presenting such a collection in a vintage like 2013, Thomas Haag reached the highest point. Congratulations!




Winery Schloß Lieser Thomas Haag

The village Lieser is located in the beautiful and impressive scenery of the river Mosel’s valley next to the famous and old city of Bernkastel-Kues. The village’s landmark is the mighty castle “Schloss Lieser”, built in 1875 and inhabited by the Baron of Schorlemer.

In the year 1904 the winery of SCHLOSS LIESER was constructed and it went on to produce some of the greatest wines of the Mosel region. Unfortunately the estate was sold in the 1970s and due to that several changes of ownership led to a decline in quality.

Shortly before the harvest of 1992 THOMAS HAAG became the general manager and cellarmaster and had to face an estate in bad repair and with no established clientele or store of bottled wine.
After buying the estate in 1997 THOMAS HAAG used his long lasting experiences including learning at the establishment of his father Fritz Haag such as at the wine university in Geisenheim. These experiences plus years of hard work brought the estate of Schloss Lieser back to the top of the Riesling estates in Germany.