We are very glad to present to you again our unique and large terroir portfolio of 7 VDP Grosse Lagen: Piesporter GOLDTRÖPCHEN and Bernkasteler DOCTOR such as Wehlener SONNENUHR, Graacher HIMMELREICH, Lieser NIEDERBERG HELDEN, Brauneberger JUFFER und Brauneberger JUFFER SONNENUHR. Our aim is to carve out the unique characteristics of each terroir by using a natural and careful processing and spontaneous fermentation.

The wines of the vintage 2017 present themselves very complex with high extracts because of this year’s very limited yield. A special slate minerality and fruity flavors accompany the perfect balance between the subtle acidity and sweetness of the wines. As always, the elegance as well as the drinkability of the wine is emphasized by a very moderate alcohol level.

This year we were challenged with the effects of the climate change- an incredibly warm March- an extreme early bud break- frost damages in April- a wonderful June with a perfect flowering- light hail in August- and then following a September with cool nights and an optimal flavor development. Therefore, we could start harvesting on the 25th of September, earlier than ever. Through intensive selection, that lasted around 4 weeks, our experienced team was able to handpick Riesling with high quality and incredibly extracts producing wines up to the Trockenbeerenauslese.